Effective Front-Door Marketing Can Meet a Variety of Goals – Quickly

Working with an Experienced Partner Sets the Foundation for Success

Handled with skill and technology, today’s front-door marketing campaigns are able to generate results faster than most other media. In fact, with a highly-efficient distribution system in place, speed-to-market can be maximized with campaigns frequently executed in a 10-14 day timeframe.  Now that’s a fast track to results, which can be tied to a range of client metrics or priorities.

Consumers redeem front-door media offers in-store, and coupon redemption is tracked to evaluate campaign results.

There are a number of ways to measure success and it’s important to determine those criteria up front.  Frequently, the ultimate goal is redemption of a promotional offer, however front-door marketing can and does serve a variety of purposes.  It can be used to generate traffic, provide loyalty incentives, increase awareness or reinforce branding efforts; it is an ideal component to an acquisition, retention or ‘re-activation’ program. 

The medium also works well to reinforce a position when a company is expanding or finds itself going head to head with the competition.  New product launches and trial programs can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy, getting information and product into the hands of those most likely to respond. Response-driven mechanisms like coupons, toll-free numbers and drive-to-web incentives are popular and effective – made even stronger by working with a skilled, trusted front-door marketing partner.

Meeting marketing goals effectively – while communicating a strong sense of brand – is a top mandate for national and regional businesses, and is well-supported by delivering a high-quality message of value to a very precise target.  Are you defining metrics and moving quickly to engage your best prospects? Are you teaming up with an experienced and knowledgeable front-door marketing partner that knows the ins-and-outs of deploying a successful campaign?

Pinpointing Your Audience

Using the Front Door to Reach Your Most Valued Customers

Every marketing campaign requires thoughtful analysis and identification of the best prospects based on the brand’s targeting strategy and available data. For front-door campaigns, data must be analyzed with the front door in mind – including information reflecting behavioral characteristics, geo-demographics, and transactional information whenever possible.   The ability to consider these factors and apply the information strategically has in fact enabled front-door marketing as a highly targeted strategic tool.  

Photo courtesy of Raymond Shobe via flickr.com

For example, a recent campaign was executed to promote the launch of a new family film.  The front door campaign was executed within 3 days of the movie’s launch, delivering to 4 states simultaneously. U.S. Census block level data was used to identify target family neighborhoods, eliminating waste by delivering the offer only to families with young children.

Prior to such skillful targeting capabilities, marketing pieces were delivered to the front door based on ZIP code saturation.  This meant everyone within a ZIP code (approximately 13,000 households) would receive the same piece of media regardless of demographic importance or project objective.  By abandoning the ZIP code approach and moving to the use of U.S. Census Block Groups – census-defined territories of approximately 100 to 400 households – this process has been substantially refined to enable extremely targeted distributions.  Digging even deeper, custom profiles can be created using Census information, household purchase behavior and lifestyle segmentation; this identifies clusters of homes that will in turn deliver the highest response rates on the campaign’s objectives.

Are you achieving results by pinpointing your target, or wasting marketing resources by blanketing a too-broad group?  Consider creative integration of front-door marketing programs within your overall marketing strategy.

Restaurants Increase Traffic by Influencing Dining Choices and Engaging Customers at Home

Front-Door Marketing Can Effectively Reach the Best Prospects in Range of Dining Categories

Whether launching a new menu item, promoting a signature dish, trying to reach a specific customer segment (e.g. Hispanics), or build traffic around a specific day or week part, front-door marketing is well-suited to help restaurant chains make the most of renewed consumer foodservice spending.  But while many restaurant operators anticipate increased consumer spending, they are still acutely aware of new long-term attitudes toward frugality. Capturing the consumer’s attention is essential to cornering these carefully spent dollars, as well as maintaining a brand identity that is meaningful to the customer – expectations all met through effective targeting of front-door campaigns.

Target heavy fast food users, also known as "HFFUs", with front-door marketing. (Image courtesy of The Consumerist, via flickr.com)

As restaurants have become more and more innovative – developing creative pricing strategies, locations and food concepts – they are taking care to connect these strategies with the right audience.  Thoughtful analysis enables development of target groups that consider not only the best prospects, but where they live and the likelihood that they will visit a particular restaurant chain. Data modeling extends targeting resources by further identifying “look alike” prospects whose demographic or behavioral profiles mimic those of best-performing customers.

These groups can be targeted in much smaller units, using “block groups” of about 400 households rather than entire zip codes, and include variables such as type of chain user, brand affinity, and usage occasion. Block groups can also be segmented according to visit frequency; in particular, heavy fast food users (known as “HFFUs”) can be reached readily. Leading restaurants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Denny’s have leveraged this level of sophisticated data, along with high-quality physical media, eye-catching creative and an attractive offer.

Are you making the most of the opportunity to engage, deliver value and reach potential diners at home, where they consider options and plan their time and budgets?  Front-door marketing can reach the right customer with the right offer, making you more competitive in introducing new stores, boosting frequency of dining visits, party size or value of average checks.

Getting Front-Door Media to the Front Door

Going the Extra Mile with Expert Delivery and Tracking

We’re often asked how we do it – that is, how do we ensure our clients’ branded front-door marketing pieces are being delivered to their pre-determined targets. Well, as far as PowerDirect is concerned, delivery is the mission-critical aspect of campaign deployment.  Execution is everything, and our clients reach their customers based on our sophisticated, technology-fueled approach.

PowerDirect's GPS delivery verfiication is tracked via "clicker" devices carried by our trained walkers.

The selection and education of distribution teams is something we take very seriously. We’ve taken great care to develop a network of skilled and reliable ‘walkers,’ carefully trained in PowerDirect’s systems and processes.  They carry identification and maintain a positive, homeowner-friendly image through their assigned neighborhoods.  Equipped with wireless handheld GPS devices, walkers record their travel paths and geo-tag homes as they distribute client materials.  Timing and exact distribution location can then be pinpointed via Google Earth map technology. This allows potential issues to be recognized in real time via GPS technology integrated on board PowerDirect’s branded delivery vehicles.

Beyond this, four levels of in-field auditors shadow distribution crews to verify accurate and complete delivery.   Our strict auditing standards are part of an advanced, proprietary monitoring system that not only raises industry guidelines, but also ensures superior distribution by compiling proof of delivery via computerized GPS maps, job logs, digital photos and field reports. Auditing staff monitors every job each day and uploads vital information in near real-time, keeping data flowing into PowerDirect’s own tracking systems.  

This layer of accountability distinguishes the expertise and resources of PowerDirect, and it’s one of many factors that make us unique in this industry. Does your front-door marketing partner take great care in developing your campaign but leave you guessing about actual delivery?  Can they show you proof that your offer made it to your customer’s door?