Pinpointing Your Audience

Using the Front Door to Reach Your Most Valued Customers

Every marketing campaign requires thoughtful analysis and identification of the best prospects based on the brand’s targeting strategy and available data. For front-door campaigns, data must be analyzed with the front door in mind – including information reflecting behavioral characteristics, geo-demographics, and transactional information whenever possible.   The ability to consider these factors and apply the information strategically has in fact enabled front-door marketing as a highly targeted strategic tool.  

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For example, a recent campaign was executed to promote the launch of a new family film.  The front door campaign was executed within 3 days of the movie’s launch, delivering to 4 states simultaneously. U.S. Census block level data was used to identify target family neighborhoods, eliminating waste by delivering the offer only to families with young children.

Prior to such skillful targeting capabilities, marketing pieces were delivered to the front door based on ZIP code saturation.  This meant everyone within a ZIP code (approximately 13,000 households) would receive the same piece of media regardless of demographic importance or project objective.  By abandoning the ZIP code approach and moving to the use of U.S. Census Block Groups – census-defined territories of approximately 100 to 400 households – this process has been substantially refined to enable extremely targeted distributions.  Digging even deeper, custom profiles can be created using Census information, household purchase behavior and lifestyle segmentation; this identifies clusters of homes that will in turn deliver the highest response rates on the campaign’s objectives.

Are you achieving results by pinpointing your target, or wasting marketing resources by blanketing a too-broad group?  Consider creative integration of front-door marketing programs within your overall marketing strategy.

Hitting the Target Requires Careful Aim

Reaching the Right Prospect Where They Live

High-quality physical media, eye-catching creative and an attractive offer are essential factors in the world of direct marketing; however reaching the most appropriate targets is the key to success – and perhaps the most tangible advantage of front-door marketing.  After all, a great offer presented skillfully means little if it doesn’t get into the right hands…

Proper data research, analysis and application are essential factors in direct marketing, representing a proven analytical approach that dramatically impacts success rates. Thoughtful analysis enables development of target groups that consider not only who your prospects are, but where they live and the likelihood that they will purchase a particular product or service. 

PowerDirect's targeting and distribution starts at the block group level.

With PowerDirect, this deeper level of analysis goes into every front-door marketing campaign, identifying the best prospects for a client’s product or service and then using that information to develop the best distribution strategy.  Geo-demographic clustering information along with other sophisticated data is used to identify and segment the best prospects.  These groups can be targeted in much smaller units, using “block groups” of about 400 households rather than entire zip codes.  Further, advanced mapping technologies enable detailed visualization of the delivery area, supported by GPS technology that verifies the when and where of delivery execution. 

Are you taking advantage of sophisticated targeting tools – and reaching the best prospects with the right messages delivered directly to their front door?